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Must Buy! 0

OK, let me tell you how this game BLEW MY MIND! First the game wasn't what I was expecting, and that's actually a good thing. The engaging game play not only skull fucks you, but you actually come begging for more. But above all the multiplayer is where it's at. A wide variety of unique and standard weapons keep the game play interesting....

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Easily worth the $10 0

Crash Commando is easily one of the best games available on the PSN. The online deathmatches in the vibrant 2D worlds are unbelievably fun. The replay value is great, so there is no excuse not to put out the $10 for it. My only major complaint is that there is no local multiplayer, and you can only join an online game with one player on a single console. This game would have easily received 5 stars if it wasn't for that....

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Slightly More Fun Than A Car Crash 0

With each passing year, gamers have grown more accustomed to receiving "me-too" games.   Some years, we'll receive a deluge of First-Person Shooters.   At other times, we're given dozens of games featuring plastic instruments.   Even worse is receiving a landslide of downloadable titles that don't offer much more than standard death-match modes.  One recent PS3 release, known as Crash Commando fits in the death-match slot.   This EPOS Game Studios developed title isn't a bad game, but there jus...

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Looking Back... 0

Looking back I'm still glad I bought this game; but buyer beware. This isn't a game that will sustain you very long. With single player being almost negligible, multiplayer is where you will be spending most of you time. This is a good thing, at first. There are a lot of skilled players, and with weapons that are unbalanced and devastating in the hands of some people, it can get a bit frustrating. I still recommend the title, but only if you have the time to become good at the game. You will nee...

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