Audio Glitches?

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Hooked my old PS1 up, since I picked up CTR at a garage sale, and when I went to play the game, there is no voiceover dialogue to be heard. Aku Aku and N. Oxide-- anyone who has voiced lines, really, is silent where there should be dialoge... I am NOT emulating the game, it's on original hardware... Any ideas?

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@bigwhiteyeti Oh god what is yor avatar from! It's some skiing game!

To answer your question I have no clue how to fix it. Sorry duder
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Games old man, you bought from a garage sale? Probably scratched to hell.

My copy has a tonne of scratches on it and has audio stutter and flat out missing audio, because the :laystation cant read the data from the scratches.

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@Vextroid: Copy is actually pristine. I was surprised... I thought it might be that too.

Sackmanjones- it's from the Windows 95 pack in software- the game is SkiFree.

I also just tried playing it on my PS3, and the audio works fine... Gonna try my PS2 now...

EDIT: Works perfect on there too... must be my PS1.

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