How come they dont have crash tag team racing?

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#1 Posted by Orgazmorater (93 posts) -

but they have this game.

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#2 Posted by Met2609 (635 posts) -

Hey, why don't you make the page yourself?

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#3 Posted by kratos (223 posts) -

yeah just make that page, and Crash Team Racing is probably the best kart racing gaming, so that's why there is a  page for this.

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#4 Posted by twenty0ne (3056 posts) -
Met2609 said:
"Hey, why don't you make the page yourself?
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#5 Posted by AegisOfDawn (87 posts) -

Crash Team Racing was the best racer out of the Crash Bandicoot series so far and it was the last made by Naughty Dog.

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#6 Edited by Harrison (42 posts) -

because that game sucked (CTTR), but CTR is the best kart racer ever

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#7 Posted by moz822 (25 posts) -
@Harrison said:
" because that game sucked (CTTR), but CTR is the best kart racer ever "
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#8 Edited by Kowbrainz (952 posts) -

lol wow six month bump (two in a row at that). Check time stamps next time. ;P

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