lionheart08's Crash Team Racing (PlayStation) review

Hands down one of the best kart racers ever released.

In 1999, Sony decided to release a game to rival the success of what ws the Mario Kart franchise. The task fell into the hands of Naughty Dog, who delivered unto us the Master Piece known as Crash Team Racing. Not only did this game prove to be a better racer than Mario Kart, it still remains the single best kart racer ever.

Similar to the Mario Kart franchise, this game put more emphasis on creative tracks and over-the-top racing. While some may feel it was a mere clone of Mario Kart, CTR actualy managed to deliver all of these aspects even better. The tracks are far more creative, ranging from multiple arena's such as in a "Tomb-Raider" inspried track or on a track that is a hot wheels collector's wet dream. As well as being creative, certain tracks are extremely challenging, most notable being Doctor N. Gin's level, requiring several play throughs just to get use to them. Even after perfect the tracks, the enemy AI are hard in this game. At some moments you may be close to victory obly to have it stolen from you at the last moment.

The weapons given in this game are really amazing. There are several unique and distructive weapons that can be found to add more depth to the races. Some weapons, such as the Tiki sheild, creates invulnerability and will take down any opposing car that comes into it's path. Other weapons, such as the heat seaking missles, exploding chemicals, and energy bubbles make the races far more fun to play. Aside from the main races there's also a duel mode where up to four players battle it out until the last man is standing. This is especially fun when playing it multiplayer.

Like the Mario Kart franchise, this game does suffer from a weaker single player mode, but because of the more challenging tracks, it does not affect this game as bad. Aside from that, this is a game any Playstation owner should search out for. Almost a decade later, and it's still hands down the best Kart Racer out there.

Posted by Pylon_Trooper

I agree on the part of it trumping Mario Kart.  CTR felt so much more vibrant and dynamic.

Good review!

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