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The 'Crash Time' series is known as 'Alarm für Cobra 11' (literally 'Alarm for Cobra 11) in Germany, where it is most well known. The series takes place behind the wheel of different automobiles based on real-life designs, where you must complete missions. Cobra 11 is a German autobahn police unit, and many of the missions in the games take place on the highway. The game follows two main characters: Ben and Semir. All three of the games in the franchise that have yet been released have a demo available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
The Crash Time franchise is developed by Synetic GmbH, and published by RTL Playtainment. The games are quite unique; if the player has their 360 language setting as German, the original title will be shown and the games will play in German, but any other language yields English on both the Gamercard and in-game.
Cars in the game have detailed damage models, and are based on real designs, but are not licensed. Car badges are replaced with a logo reading 'C11' - short for Cobra 11.

Television Tie-In

Crash Time is actually a tie in with a popular German program, entitled Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei, or 'Alarm for Cobra 11 - The Highway Police'. It is published by a branch of the German media company RTL, called 'Playtainment'. It is one of the RTL game labels, and is used for games which tie in with other media, such as television and films.


The game uses characters from the real German program: Semir, Chris, and Ben are all in the programme, but Chris is killed. Chris can be seen during Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit, driving a car resembling a Mercedes-Benz CLK. Semir is one of the staple characters, who was later accompanied by Ben Jaeger.

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