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Crashday gives you the chance of taking part in a lot of different series of races. Besides the well known circuit , sprint and checkpoint racing, Crashday brings some very cool and original types or races. The stunt races ussualy take place in smaller areas with a lot of ramps and obstacles, and your objective is to make use of the environment as well as you can to perferm the coolest stunts, and get the most amount of points for them.

The destruction derbies are a real carnage won't damage your opponents only by crashing into their cars. You can also shoot them with your monted minigun or blow them up to hell with the rocket launcher. There is also a mode similar to Capture the Flag, in which you need to get a smiley flag on your car and pass with it trough as many checkpoints as you can,while the opponents try to take it away from you and do the same thing with it. Another great type of racing is where a bomb on a player's car is rigged to blow,so he needs to pass the bomb at another opponent by crashing into his car, and avoiding to get blown up. Some other races require you to pass trough certain checkpoints in a time limit, and exceeding it means your car blows up. Blowing up your car & jumping as long as you can is the objective for another race type.

As a soundtrack the producers introduced some good hard rock songs that fit very well in the game's destructive atmosphere. 

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