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Super Metroid

The golden statues

Crateria is the surface area of the planet Zebes. Samus follows Ridley here after the destruction of the Ceres Space Colony. Shortly after landing Samus discovers the morph ball, which allows her to curl up in a ball to pass small entries. She uses the morph ball to reach a pack of missiles and shortly after she reaches a room with what appears to be a Chozo Statue holding the bomb power-up. However, after taking the power-up the door locks and the statue comes alive. After battling the Torizo, Samus eventually reaches an elevator shaft which takes her to Brinstar.

After defeating the four main bosses ( Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon, Ridley) Samus returns to Crateria and enters a room that features golden statues of the bosses with shiny gems in their eyes. If Samus has defeated all of the bosses, the gems in their eyes will break and they will turn gray. After all four of the bosses have turned gray the statues will begin to crumble and an elevator is revealed which takes Samus to Tourian.

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