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Crazier Than A New York Cabbie 0

Remember the days when arcade racers were just as common as having to sell a kidney to be able to afford a taxi? If we're on the same page, you probably remember games like San Francisco Rush and Crazy Taxi. Both of these titles were novel driving games, but Crazy Taxi was arguably more innovative with its high-speed passenger unloading. In Crazy Taxi, your goal was to pick up as many passengers as you could within the time limit, and make sure they arrived at their destinations in a timely mann...

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Literally No Different To The Dreamcast Version! 0

 Acclaim's conversion of Crazy Taxi can be called as how you see it. As a direct port of Sega's famous arcade title of the same name you play as a cabbie roaming the streets of San Francisco. It was originally a Dreamcast exclusive but following the demise of the system Sega pulled out of the console race and set to developing games for its previous competitors instead. But with the case of Crazy Taxi on Playstation 2 you'd be hard pressed to notice anything new or different compared to...

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Fun, for a while 0

Crazy Taxi was a fun re-release of an arcade game.  It's fast, and it's fun, but I personally did not find it to have a great deal of staying power.  I don't mean that it's bad, just that it got old.The game starts out strong, completely deserving of the name "Crazy Taxi".  You drive around with a blatant disregard for all laws and personal safety, and the game does have a lot of pick-up-and-play appeal.  The general feel of the game is a bit out-of-control.Driving around all nuts is fun for a w...

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arbayer2 Reviews: Crazy Taxi (PC) 0

Crazy Taxi is a timeless classic. Its novel use of fare- and stunt-based challenges in what was otherwise basically a technical showcase of a racing game for the Dreamcast inspired numerous knockoffs and created a franchise that spanned a multitude of platforms. It's become a landmark standard of arcade quality for Sega and has, since its introduction, become a mascot franchise for Sega, along with numerous others including the Sonic franchise.This port does not do it justice.There doesn't seem ...

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