Varied Career: Including OWLtv theme song!

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There was a TV show that I watched fervently as a kid called OWLtv. In America, it came on early in the morning (5 or 6 AM) during Showtime's childrens' programming in the early 90's. It was locked squarely away in my mind's vault until the invention of the internet. There is little evidence it existed, beyond information that it was a Canadian kid's program from the mid 80's. A few years ago the intro was uploaded to Youtube. It was almost a religious experience. I had unknowingly had that song burned into my brain and I was physically hearing it for the first time in nearly 20 years. Scrolling through the video's comments by people who were experiencing the same reaction I found out that none other than Cree Summer was the singer of the show's theme song. She has had a varied career indeed.

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Funny thing is Kath E Soucie is credited on a few Bioware games, and she also did voice talent on Captain Planet!

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Yeah, that tripped me up too. I reloaded a coupla times, SURE that there was something wrong because it didn't give it to me.

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