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One of many NPCs the player may encounter throughout Dark Souls II, Creighton is a fellow adventurer, though one that is portrayed as being rather brutish and possibly even psychotic. He appears to have a rivalry of sorts with Mild-Mannered Pate, whom he believes wronged him in the past, and now aims to hunt him down and kill him.

Dark Souls II

Creighton first makes himself known in Huntsmans Copse, locked inside an undead cell. He states he accidentally locked himself up with the very trap he had set in his attempts to capture and kill Mild-Mannered Pate, another NPC the player will have most likely encountered prior to Creighton.

While Pate initially puts himself forward as an ally to the player, Creighton proclaims that he is in fact highly dangerous, and likes to use deceit as a method for luring unsuspecting adventurers into a false sense of friendship before ultimately betraying them. Creighton thusly warns the player of Pate's intentions, while also expressing his own desire to kill Pate himself.

Creighton may be encountered a second time, now residing close to the entrance to the Shade Woods, sadistically muttering to himself over his plans to kill Pate. He is soon startled by the appearance of the player character; upon regaining his composure, he states that Pate lives in Brightstone Cove and plans to head over there and pay him back for his betrayal, all the while sneering under his breath.

Creighton is encountered for the final time in Brightstone Cove, where he'll be engaged in battle with Pate. Pate asks for the player's assistance, though the player now actually has a choice between who to kill. Should they help kill Pate, Creighton will thank the player and reward him/her with a key to his hideout down below. Speaking to him again after saving his life will also reward the player Creighton's armor set.

Inside the house are two chests, however one of which will reside a bomb -- one that is triggered to blow shortly upon opening the chest. Once it goes off, Creighton will comment from above ''That'll leave a scar...'' and disappears from the game completely.

Scholar of The First Sin

In the SofFS update, Creighton's role is largely the same. However upon freeing and speaking to him in Huntsmans Copse, he can now be summoned as a friendly NPC to assist against the Skeleton Lords boss fight. For his second appearance he is now located beyond the Shaded Woods in a tower located near the Najka Scorpioness boss fight. He has no new dialogue, however, and his ultimate role is still the same as noted above.


  • Should players kill Creighton instead, Pate will similarly give players a key to the same room with the chest containing the bomb. Once opened, Pate will even sarcastically utter the same piece of dialogue ''That'll leave a scar...''. The contents of the chests are the same regardless of whom the player chooses to kill.
  • Creighton's armor set can still be acquired simply by killing him instead; he'll drop his mask upon his death, though his entire armor set will also become available for purchase from Melentia.
  • Creighton claims he's from Mirrah, though his armor suggests that it's actually an imitation meant to resemble someone from Mirrah.
  • Creighton's weapon appears to be a Bandit Axe, though it's impossible to know for sure as he doesn't drop a weapon upon his death nor if his arc is completed.
  • His dialogue while battling Pate suggests the two were once friends.
  • Another NPC, called Cale, claims he knows of a serial killer from Mirrah with the name being ''Cray or something'' that he thinks he may have spotted somewhere in Drangleic. However he wasn't able to get a good look at the person so he's not entirely sure if it was the same person.
  • While the outcome for siding with either Pate or Creighton is largely the same, Pate does at least offer genuine assistance throughout the game, whereas Creighton initially did not . As such, Pate could have possibly been regarded as the lesser of two evils between the two.

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