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Criminal Girls Invitation is a management/training simulator developed by imageepoch for the PlayStation Vita. It puts the player in charge of a group of girls banished to a prison in hell, with the goal of rehabilitating and training them into warriors capable of making it through the tower leading out of the netherworld. The game is an enhanced port of Criminal Girls for the PSP, featuring new characters, additional story scenarios, more voiceovers, new gameplay elements, and general tweaks and re-balancing.

The game came out in Japan on November 28, 2013, and will be released by NIS America in the west.

Regional Differences

NIS America has announced that they will be editing the content of the game by removing all voice work during the "punishment" scenes as well as covering up several images by adding steam during more "problematic" scenes. Staff members further went on to say that these edits were made so that a single version of the game could be released throughout the rest of the global territories in an effort to comply with the ESRB, PEGI, and the Australian Classification Board.

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