Crimson gem saga- vita or iPad?

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Thinking about picking up the game. Any opinions whether to dl it on the vita or iPad? My guess is the port to the vita is better than to iPad but it's 5$ cheaper in the app store than PSN. Thanks.

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I played it on iOS on my iPhone 3GS close to whenever the port was made. It may have improved since then, but menus were terrible to navigate. Navigating the world map was fine. Fighting battles was fine. But the standard menu was close to broken. After a few hours in, I realized that there was a way to allocate points to skills, and this was only because it used a tap or swipe gesture that I totally didn't expect.

Things might have improved since then. And since this is the menu we're talking about, it's not like it'll affect anything time-crucial in the game. I don't know how it looks on the iPad, but on the smaller iPhone, it was a competent port. With the exception of that damn menu.

EDIT: Actually, scratch that about the competent port. I believe they cut some voices. It doesn't affect the story, but compared to the PSP version, some voices got cut. Again, I haven't played this since the game got released on iOS, so they might have patched the voices back in. But beware of this.

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