So, who else is giving this a shot?

#1 Posted by melodiousj (552 posts) -

I really don't know what to think about it.

I've been in one battle so far and read a whole lot of flavour text. I'm kinda worried that this one might turn out to be a little too hardcore for me.

I really like the abstracted look.

#2 Posted by Wallzii (204 posts) -

Downloading it right now. This is exactly the kind of game I want to play right now, and seeing who is involved, I'm pretty excited about how it should pan out. I'll be sure to leave some feedback once I've had some time with the game.

#3 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -

It looks awful, to be honest. With all the research I've done... I can't say I will be playing it. Tell me how it is.

#4 Posted by CharlieCon (10 posts) -
It looks awful, to be honest.

Just out of curiosity, what looks awful about it? The complete lack of animation is preeeetty weird at first, but it's actually pretty charming in a D&D kind of way.

#5 Edited by Wallzii (204 posts) -

Having a ton of fun with this. The gameplay is engaging, the music is great, and the writing is very well done. The systems can be a lot to take in at first but once they are laid out, they meld very well together and are a refreshing change from the norm. The only this that I am having trouble with are the combo chains; I understand the relationship between all the elements and how to build a chain, but sometimes it seems my chain is lost for no reason when I use an ability that should extend the combo, and instead my chain is broken. Can't figure out why this is happening.

#6 Edited by MuttersomeTaxicab (779 posts) -

I wish the prose for 999 was half as engaging as it is for Crimson Shroud. For me, I'm pretty hooked. I love the hardcore dedication to trying to replicate D&D; mechanics. The looting system seems pretty neat as well. I can totally see why some folks would be really put off by it, but I'm enjoying myself a fair bit.

#7 Posted by LentFilms (296 posts) -

I just downloaded it yesterday and I'm enjoying it so far. I've been in a few battles and I think it's cool how the game is almost like a paper RPG simulator. Crimson Shroud actually reminds me a lot of the game Radical Dreamers except with more fleshed out battle sequences, which will be a positive or negative thing for some people. Again I'm having fun with the game and from what I've hear it's only a few hours long so it seems to be a worth while investment money and time wise even if it only ends up being "interesting."

#8 Posted by Ducksworth (670 posts) -

Question for those who have played it, how much does it rely on the "touch" aspect of the second screen? I think I might pick it up sometime tonight. Also, slightly unrelated but I've been using the 4GB card my 3DS came with but I think at the rate I'm going I should probably upgrade soon. How easy is it to move all my stuff to a new card?

#9 Posted by Wallzii (204 posts) -

I don't use the touchscreen at all, though the option is there. It seems touch was designed as more of an afterthought. The game plays extremely intuitively without it, so nothing to worry about.

As for transferring the contents of your memory card to a larger one, it is very simple. Remove the card from your 3DS and put it in your PC and copy the entire contents to a backup location. Put your new SD card into your PC and format it to NTFS, then copy the backup of your old SD card onto the new one. Put the new card into your 3DS and you're done, simple as that!

#10 Posted by Maitimo (207 posts) -

It's a Matsuno game. I can't imagine not giving it a shot. Waiting for the download to finish now.

#11 Posted by Generic_username (700 posts) -

I'm about 2 hours in so far, and (in the beginning, at least,) it's pretty slow paced. I do enjoy the writing though, and while the figures not moving is pretty off-putting at first, you get used to it. It's definitely NOT awful, but I can see how it could get repetitive after a while. Going to keep playing it, though.

#12 Posted by Snail (8772 posts) -

Looking at screenshots, I'm not understanding what exactly is so "abstract" about the visuals.

#13 Posted by Generic_username (700 posts) -

The characters don't move. They're represented as figurines, even in cutscenes. It's hard to realize how strange it is until you're actually playing the game, and nothing moves. It's actually kind of cool in my opinion, but it took a few scenes to grow on me.

#14 Posted by MikeHawk (425 posts) -

@Ducksworth: Really easy. I upgraded to a 16gb the other week (a little overkill, but I already had it and it was laying around not being used). All you do is just copy everything on the current SD card to your computer and then paste it to the new SD card.

#15 Posted by Ataribomb (101 posts) -

Going to be downloading this a in a few. My only potential hang-up is that apparently it's rather short, which I understand. I just never like good games, especially RPGs, to be over quickly.

#16 Posted by Ducksworth (670 posts) -

Awesome, I'll be upgrading my card soon enough then.

Downloaded this game last night, like most other people I found the figurine aspect a bit jarring at first but the table top style has really grown on me. The "Level-5" logo on the base of the figurines was also a nice touch. The gameplay has been great but a bit on the easy side, I'm still early though so I probably don't have a good measuring stick. The dice rolls also don't seem to be as impactful as I was hoping. I used some once to increase my accuracy and then I another time I put a whole set into buffing an attack just because I felt like I should be close to taking the dude down. Question about the combo system, do I get anything out of it other than new dice?

What about the game is putting you off?

#17 Posted by melodiousj (552 posts) -

As far as I can tell, it's just new dice. Also, if you roll the dice too hard, one might fall off the table, which detracts from that particular roll, but adds that die to your pool of bonus dice.

I like rolling to see if a debuff or status effect is gonna work, even if it doesn't make it more likely to happen, at least the numbers are exposed so it doesn't feel as much like a guessing game.

#20 Posted by VargasPrime (335 posts) -

Question to anyone playing this:

The game mentions during the first chapter that there is a certain "technique" to rolling the dice in order to get better rolls, with different strokes affecting die of different sizes. Has anyone experimented with this? I've tried moving my stylus in different directions/shapes before releasing the dice, but I don't seem to be having any noticeably better results.

It even hints at one universal stroke that improves every roll, no matter the die sizes.

#21 Posted by Generic_username (700 posts) -

I haven't heard about a technique to rolling the dice, but I'm pretty sure that attacks that extend your combo hit harder in addition to getting extra dice.

#22 Posted by Romination (2823 posts) -

I'd been itching for a D+D game recently just in real life, so this is really scratching that itch nicely until I can get something together. It's got such a deliciously pulpy fantasy feel to it, I've been enjoying the hour or so I've put in so far.

#23 Posted by Ducksworth (670 posts) -

Is there something similar to the second floor on the third floor when it comes to progressing to the next floor? I thought I had a key because I already went through the mini-boss encounter against a Wraith, I also vaguely remember someone or something saying I should go back to a fork but I checked every room and triggered nothing.

#24 Posted by Harpell (185 posts) -

So I'm considering downloading this. Any of you cats got any further thoughts on it? And an approximation of how long it was if possible.

I like the idea of a game emulating the whole DnD thing, since I rarely get to do that these days, but I'm sort of wary.

#25 Edited by Generic_username (700 posts) -

@harpell: If you don't get stuck on the bit on the second floor, (seriously, if you're having trouble, use a guide for that bit, it's really obtuse) I'd say it'll run you between 3-6 hours. I enjoyed it a lot. If I was to go to the trouble of writing a review, I'd probably give it three stars, but take away the aforementioned difficult part (I spent three hours on it. THREE HOURS. That's more than half the damn game.) I'd give it four stars.

#26 Posted by Seb (385 posts) -

Just started this. Seems super cool.

#27 Posted by BisonHero (8424 posts) -

Is the last boss meant to be kind of easy, compared to the surprisingly difficult trio of enemies you face shortly before that?

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