Goodbye Blue Sky / The Crimson Skies Community Online Finale

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If this were just like any other day, I wouldn't even care. Unfortunately, as you may or may not know, Xbox Live for Original Xbox is getting it's plug pulled late tomorrow for us here in the west. Myself, like many of you, are either going to play one last game of their favourite Live enabled title, or play right up until some suit at Redmond pulls the plug on the old servers. 
To that end, I want to organize all of the people who frequent these forums and want to give Crimson Skies's multiplayer one last chance, before we lose it forever. It may not be a great game by today's standards, but out of the Xbox's big three (Halo, MechAssault and Crimson Skies) I have always felt that this game was the most unique, and the most fun to play. 
I'm redownloading my digital copy of Crimson Skies from Xbox Live right now, so hopefully I'll be ready to play tomorrow.
So come on community! Stand up and be counted! (Unless you're copy is lost, broken, loaned out to a friend, traded in at Gamestop or you straight up don't own a copy of this game)
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 extremeradical Jimmea Organizer - I'll try to be on as much as possible tomorrow.

Leave your Gamertag in the comments section below or send me a PM. I'll try to figure this out as we go along.
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Jimmea! Good playing with you tonight. I managed to catch a glimpse of this after we played. :P 
GG, sir!

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G.G. everyone!   Jimmea, it was a pleasure having you mop the floor with my face!
(gamertag: xombi242)

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