Blood Censored?

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I'd like to ask, is there blood in the cut scenes in any version, or in all of them the swords just go through with nothing spilling out?

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Don't remember every game by heart but from what I do these are blood free games. Does it matter? Really?

#3 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

No, not that I know of.

#4 Posted by zitosilva (1880 posts) -

Kinda. Some scenes, for me, lose the aesthetics and impact. I'll use the example that I can remember right now, in Xenosaga Episode 3. The american version has no blood whatsoever, taking away most of the pain and impact that the scene of death would have 'caused if it did. So, yeah, it matters to me. Specialy when, dua to stupid censorship, they change the material from what the developers initialy intended.

In the case of Crisis Core, I'm specificaly thinking of *SPOILERS* Cloud and Sephiroth fighting scene. That sword going through Sephiroth has no impact at all... kinda made the scene lose its power to me.

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Hmm the only blood I remember seeing is the ending cgi cutscene with Zack and Cloud.

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