Why isn't this on PSN?

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Self explanatory.  Does anyone know of a legitimate reason why this isn't on PSN?  I only ask because I really prefer to buy my PSP games digitally -- not to mention that once the Vita is released, UMD's will essentially be obsolete.

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I dunno, but it's a damn good game.

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Either Square-Enix don't want to release it on the PSN for whatever reason or it's just not available in your region. 
Edit: Looks like you're not the only one who wants it on PSN.

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I have no idea why they don't release their back catalog either but I pretty much avoid buying PSP games on UMD. You get way better battery life on downloaded games.

If they did release Crisis Core on PSN I would heavily consider it. As it is, I'm debating whether to by Persona 2 on UMD or PSN. I'd prefer PSN but I would get the soundtrack if I bought it on UMD.

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Square didn't put Kingdom Hearts on PSN when it was new so I doubt they are going to put up their back catalogue. I'd file this one under the "Japanese corporation doesn't understand the internet" category. 

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And this is why the Go failed. Couldn't get half the decent PSP games in the store. So naturally, the pirates had a better experience with the Go. A 16GB tiny PSP that's easily hacked to run ISOs and Gameboy games is a pirate's dream handheld, especially at the prices they've gone for when they were cancelled. What a dumb move by Sony, made odder by the fact that they made some pretty good decisions in that era with PS3 exclusives and the 300$ Slim.

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