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One of the best Final Fantasy Spinoffs released to date. 0

In 1997, Squaresoft took the world by storm with the release of Final Fantasy VII. It was the first Final Fantasy game to achieve wide spread popularity. It's success was outstanding, selling close to 10 million copies, and it still remains the best selling Final Fantasy game. Due to its popularity, Square Enix responded by creating the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII; a series of prequels and sequels to the game that made them a world wide phenomena. For the most part, each new title was fairl...

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Great Prequel to Final Fantasy VII 0

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a prequel to the original Final Fantasy VII game that came out for the PS1. The story follows Zack, a SOLDIER 2nd who wants to become a 1st and a hero. Zack will meet along the way many familiar faces that FFVII fans will recognize, like Sephiroth, Aerith and Cloud. Zack gets wrapped up in a great deal of trouble surrounding a rogue SOLDIER named Genesis and the hidden experiments of the Shinra Corporation. The story in Crisis Core, grabs you and never lets go. ...

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Absolutely one of the Greatest Game for the PSP ~ 0

Like its predecessors, Final Fantasy 7 - Crisis Core is one marvellous looking game, rivaling even that of GoW. I played tons of games and trust me, Crisis Core is gonna make u say WoW !! Allright, Im gonna make this short and precise : Thumbs-up: 1. Jaw-droppingly beautiful cinematics (no surprise here) xD 2. Excellent in-game graphics 3. Some nifty features ( like the DMW) that makes combat all the more addictive. 4. Innovative and fast-paced combat system ( U can switch materias on-the-go, ...

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A Final Fantasy VII Fanboys Dream 2

I’m going to start this review, by pointing out a bias; I love Final Fantasy VII. It was the first epic RPG I ever played, and I have played through it at least five times. That said, I have a certain affection for the characters and places in Crisis Core and because of this, I suspect this review will be a little stronger than if I had never played FF:VII, so keep that in mind. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is a prequel to the epic Final Fantasy VII, a game from 1998 that revolutionized the co...

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A game that's not afraid to take risks 0

*This review contains spoilers for Final Fantasy VII*I still remember the first time I played Final Fantasy VII and reached the point in the story when Cloud figures out that he has been living a lie. No, it’s not when he goes on a romantic Ferris wheel excursion with Barrett in the Golden Saucer. It’s the moment he realizes he’s not the elite SOLDIER First Class he has pretended to be throughout the game. That heroic past actually belonged to a guy named Zack, who was Cloud’s role model and ev...

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The Cinematic ‘Not Quite Action’, ‘Not Entirely RPG’ Action RPG 0

The back of Parasite Eve’s CD case calls itself the ‘The Cinematic RPG’. The claim wasn’t empty- Aya Brea’s adventure was told through beautiful CG cutscenes, rich sound and stylish, well-directed scenes that blended game and film. But Parasite Eve’s production values owed everything to the revolutions made the year before by a little game called Final Fantasy 7, so it’s fitting that as a pivotal entry in the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7’s timeline, Crisis Core is the snake’s jaws wrapped arou...

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Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core – Review 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comFinal Fantasy VII: Crisis Core – ReviewFinal Fantasy VII is arguably the most popular of ALL Final Fantasy’s, as well as arguably the best as well.  When Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was announced in japan for BlueRay, you better believe it was a console seller and that was just the M O V I E.  When a movie drives hardware sales above any games you know you have something special.  The popularity of the series (Which I will note is my favorite...

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Do you own a PSP? Because if you do, you should own Crisis Core 0

If you consider yourself a gamer, casual or hardcore, and have been playing games for at least a few years, chances are you've heard about Final Fantasy VII, either through publications and fans talking about the game or through the various Final Fantasy VII spin-offs that have been released in the last four years, including four games and two video features, one of which was the full length CG extravaganza known as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Final Fantasy VII, to this day, is consider...

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Excellent story, and new play mechanics make this a worthy game 0

Square Enix have long been one of the finest purveyors of their craft, creating some of the most memorable RPG’s of all time. Indeed, they are credited with one of the most well known and best ever made, Final Fantasy VII. While fans have been clamouring for a next generation remake of that game ever since Sony unveiled a PS3 powered re-working of the opening cinematic, so far they have been sadly disappointed. They have, however, been treated to several games in the ‘Compendium of Final Fantasy...

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Contains more suck than the leading hooker-bot. 1

It seems to happen to often that a series will be its own killer. You expect a household name in gaming to become obsolete because of a better franchise, not because the series itself digs its own grave. For the past few years now, Final Fantasy has begun dwindling into a vortex of suck ever since the overhyped release of Final Fantasy X-2 and the masochistic tradition continues with the release of Crisis Core on the PSP. An ambitious title and one that, on some level, can be an okay game, Crisi...

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One Of My Favorite Storylines In A Game 0

I've just beaten this game today and I've got to say it was one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a long time. The fighting can get a bit repetitive but the deep storyline and action surpases the bad, and the ending was probably the saddest moment in my gaming history. I've never played Final Fantasy VII but if I ever get a chance to buy it, I will definitely buy it because this game opened up my eyes to the Final Fantasy Universe. The loading times are quite fast,and the graphics (Espe...

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Great 0

Final Fantasy7:Crisis Core is a great PSP game and is a must have for a Final Fantasy 7 fan.   Gameplay-Gameplay is based around realtime combat system and a DWM which is use for leveling and useing limits and useing Materia and fuseing it is essenisal Story-You play as Zack who starts the game as a SOLDIER 2nd class and it takes place in Midgar and follows the story of Zack while he trys to become SOLDIER 1st class but through his jorney he will meet failmilier faces to be seen and Final Fan...

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Enjoyable FF VII Game 0

 Let me begin by commenting on the most important two elements that this game has to offer. It looks incredible and will satisfy anyone with some FF VII nostalgia. Since that alone should be enough to sell most fans on the game, I'll move on to some of the details. Crisis Core's story and characters actually eclipse FF VII by a wide margin. Memorable characters such as Aeris, Tseng, and Sephiroth are brought to life and given much more personality while new characters like Zack and Angeal really...

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An excellent experience for old time fans 0

 I was one of many to play the original Final Fantasy VII when it was first released on the PlayStation. I felt that that experience was one of my best in my gaming history and I always wished that I could get a new extension to the story. This wish comes true in Crisis Core.I've always been more of a game play man than anything else and the action here is solid to say the least. You follow your character from a 3rd person perspective, behind them and enemies cannot be seen from this view (in mo...

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This game's storyline was overall, AMAZING. I loved the quality and graphics, and it has greast screenplay as well as a endless array of missions and things to do. Although the ending is sad, I think this game has done excellently in executing every scene with such ease. It makes me complete! :D...

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A Strong Title for the PSP... 0

The PSP has been needing strong titles, it has a bunch of titles but not many strong titles, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII fills that void. With a lot of customization to how you play and your unique play style the game offers strong gameplay with a compelling story line. Some of the visuals are outright amazing on the PSP and it shows how far the PSP has come. But this game isn't perfect. The game has 300 missions but the missions get repetitive EXTREMELY quickly which is annoying when to get ...

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An interesting story that prefaces Final Fantasy VII 0

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is a strong game; there’s no other way of saying it. It is part of the Final Fantasy VII compilation and the prequel to Final Fantasy VII itself, centring on Zack, who is referenced several times in the original game.  The odd thing about Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is that if you’ve ever played Final Fantasy VII, you go into it knowing exactly what the ending is going to be. In a sense the ending is unimportant, though you want to see it; the game is about th...

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A Diamond in the Rough 0

  I had recently had a chance to sit down and spend some time with the recently released Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.  Dispite my inial reaction to the game, which I absolutlly hated.  First reaction was "what is this?"  I thought they took my favorite RPG and soiled it.  Despite being turned off from it intially, I forge on and forturnatly for the better.   At first glance CC comes off like an button mashing aciton game.  I, myself, got stuck in some of the missions modes and assumed that wa...

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Not a classic, but thumpin' good. 0

Once upon a time, there was a spiky-headed dude called Cloud Strife, SOLDIER First Class. He saved the world with a little help from his friends, and he was hated by a contingent of the fanboys because of his non-heroic attitude. That, and because at times he became a whiny bitch. No danger of that here. Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core stars Zack Fair, SOLDIER First Class, who wants to be a hero and is actually quite good at it. He's endlessly positive and energetic, and he's definitely good with...

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Great FF game 0

I can't remember the first time I heard of the game coming out. It's been a while, but since that first time I wanted the game, and as soon as it came out I bought it. Now that I have finished it I can say that it's a great game, with a wonderful and immersing story, a very nice combat system and a very weird DMV.First of all, this is a true FF, even though is a prequel to FFVII it could stand well by it self. The story is well written and driven through the game, the characters are complex and ...

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An amazing game with an intriguing story. 0

This game will not disappoint any Final Fantasy 7 fans at all. The story, game play, and graphics are all on point. You play as Zack Fair and you are a member of soldier. You play with the usuals as you go along in the story; Angeal, Cloud, Sephiroth, Genesis, and Aerith. The story is riveting and action packed. The style of fighting is changed up a bit from FF7; instead it's more of Kingdom Hearts style of fighting, which in my opinion is much better and easier to play with. The graphics are ju...

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Pretty good 0

As for all FF games there was a huge hype for this one and with reason. Story: as usual a great story but you might want to go on wikipedia to red the story from FF7. There are also loads of side missions to be done which add on to the game.Graphics: Cutscenes are amazing and show how amazing the psp's screen is. The gameplay is also surprisingly nice and is among the best for the psp.Gameplay: I have to admit Im not a huge fan of the gameplay. yes it brings a fresh and needed change to the fran...

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A fun prequel, but it lacks the heart of FFVII. 0

                Final Fantasy VII fans have waited for what seems like eons for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.  Now that is has finally arrived, was it worth the wait?  In short my answer is yes, but this eagerly anticipated prequel isn't without its shortcomings.  FFVII's story is what the majority of fans have been looking forward to most, so I will explain whether it delivers without including any spoilers.  The script for Crisis Core is fantastic and manages to tie in well with FFVII.  As m...

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A Worthy Prequel To FFVII 0

“Final Fantasy VII” obviously wasn’t the first “Final Fantasy” game, and to many people it’s not even the best game in the series, but it’s easily the most popular. So for years, fans of the game have demanded more and more content. The most popular request is a complete remake of the PlayStation original, made all shiny and new for the PlayStation 3. While that wish hasn’t been granted (at least not yet), Square-Enix has revisited the world of “FF7” in just about every other way possible. Ther...

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 0

This is one game that Final Fantasy fans must have. If you were a fan of the original game, then you will love this prequel.Pros: The characters are vivid, the graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is what you'd expect from one of Square Enix's most popular game series. You won't be able to put your PSP down for even a second with Crisis Core's mind-blowing storyline.Cons: The DMW (Digital Mind Wave) can be very iritating in battle, especially when trying to level up. However, there are times w...

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Crisis Core is Hands Down One Of The Best JRPG's Ever Created. 0

When Final Fantasy VII was released is was praised as being the greatest RPG ever. Now more than ten years latter Square Enix have brought us Crisis Core. A prequel to FF7 which is beautiful to look at, listen to and be a part of. In Short Crisis core is the greatest PSP game to date. And one that shouldn't be missed.  In Crisis Core you play as Zack. A young Solider 1st Class working for Shinra who is trying to become a hero. However when Zack is sent in to investigate why Shinra troops are des...

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