Are they announcing something soon?

#1 Posted by skyline7284 (655 posts) -

Just looking at their twitter updates... it seems like Criterion is planning something...   Before the end of december the last time they put up anything was after the big island came out...
New NFS to be announced soon maybe?

#2 Posted by CandleJakk (769 posts) -

I think a new Burnout is a more likely announcement.
I certainly hope so.

#3 Posted by eroticfishcake (7856 posts) -

I'd wager it's a new Burnout title. It's been a while hasn't since Paradise was released wasn't it? Didn't they also work on NFS: Shift? If that's the case then I don't think it's another NFS title. A little too early for that.

#4 Posted by nanikore (2755 posts) -

 You must not read anything into these Tweets. We are not 'teasing' or 'announcing' anything game related. Never on Twitter anyway.    

#5 Posted by CandleJakk (769 posts) -
@eroticfishcake: If I remember right, Burnout Paradise came out early February 2008, about a week after I got my Xbox.
@nanikore: Yeah, I clicked the link before I posted originally, then felt stupid.
#6 Posted by EpicSteve (6909 posts) -

Their was a document that came out a few years back saying that the studio is working on a Black 2. So I'm banking on that.

#7 Posted by skyline7284 (655 posts) -

Countdown Clock is up at their site, looks like a New Need For Speed title will be unveiled at E3
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