Black Sequel Coming in 2009?

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#51 Posted by Superchris129 (379 posts) -

lol, glad Jeff isn't in charge of naming any games..

#52 Posted by Old_Snake864 (144 posts) -

awesome i loved the first :) it should have multiplayer as well , that would be awesome!

#53 Posted by Mooshu (486 posts) -

"Back in Black"

"Keep Your Blacks Blacker than Black"

#54 Posted by killawogg (222 posts) -

lets hope they use the time to make this game bad ass, ill be waiting to see this

#55 Posted by Dudeuk (5 posts) -

Bigger , Better & more badass.

#56 Posted by vilmer (4 posts) -

Black was a fine game. I'll take seconds!

#57 Posted by lightwarrior179 (383 posts) -

Black was a decent game although the explosions got a bit old soon.

#58 Posted by StealthSilver (9 posts) -

Bl2ck:  Back in Black

#59 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1574 posts) -


#60 Edited by Jinto (189 posts) -

Yep, I remember playing Black back in the day.  I can only sum it up as "gun porn". If any development team can make it better then before then it is definitely Criterion. 

#61 Posted by FrEeZe (301 posts) -

Well whatever Criterion's next project is, it sure as hell can't be another Burnout. They got plans to keep Paradise fresh for a while so why rush out another Burnout you know.

#62 Posted by Media_Master (3283 posts) -

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