Should Criterion make a new Road Rash?

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In a recent interview Criterion's Craig Sullivan expressed interest, all be it more in passing, that he would be interested in doing a new Road Rash game at some point in the future. So this got me thinking, would that be a good fit?

Obviously we all want more Burnout from them at some point, and there on the NFS series for the forceable future; but if they could manage to find the time I think they might be the best studio to not only make it, but have it be a fun and enjoyable game.

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No. God no.

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Unless they made some drastic changes to Road Rage's concepts, it would just be Burnout on motorcycles.

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If they did do it it would have to have an old school look, or turn it into something like NFS the Run. One long ass road that never ends. Also, fuck Biff.

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They are they only ones that could do it well.

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No thanks. I'd much rather see a new Burnout and the art style in Road Rash was awful. I really hate that exaggerated features, caricature style.

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No. They should remake Road Rash 64.

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They should make a new. WWE Crush Hour game instead

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Criterion needs to make a new Redline Racer.

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@MariachiMacabre said:

No thanks. I'd much rather see a new Burnout and the art style in Road Rash was awful. I really hate that exaggerated features, caricature style.

Once you actually got into a race, none of that art style was represented.

And a Criterion Road Rash would be great, and I will whip you with a chain if anyone says otherwise.

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BUT WHAT ABOUT BLACK 2!?!?!?!!??!!?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!!?

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Criterion should make a new Burnout.

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Road Rash is still a thing?

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If they want to, I guess. 
@Solh0und said:

Road Rash is still a thing?

Only in the hearts and minds of those who still remember.
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No, the game was fun when I was 8 years old, but after revisiting it, it's a piece of crap. There wasn't much to it and belongs as a gem in the back of my mind as a window for my childhood memories. If they did bring it back, they would have to re-establish it's ideas to even remotely make it different than a $1 iOS game.


@ajamafalous said:

Criterion should make a new Burnout.
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@Fattony12000 said:

You know, on the one hand that tech demo looks really neat. On the other it looks boring as hell to play. That's my problem with a new Road Rash. Old Road Rash had sort of boring driving mechanics. A new one would likely look like that demo which looks to have sort of boring driving mechanics. I don't really want anything to do with boring driving mechanics.

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None of the stupid exaggerated art style was present in the MegaDrive/Genesis version of Road Rash. I still play that on an emulator and get more fun out of it than many modern racers. Criterion would be among the studios who I'd trust to make a good reboot, but the critical thing is to preserve the fist-fighting gameplay. Make the game too much about insane speed and course clutter, it just falls apart. Of course Road Rash was always a crazy fast game, but if there's no proper payoff to swinging punches then it just becomes Super Hang On.

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Who the hell are you people?

This would be fucking awesome. The formula still would work. Criterion could really achieve the sense of speed, they could make it open world, and they have shown the ability to nail combat elements in racing. It'd be really interesting to see what Criterion could do with a focus on the motorcycle. Perhaps some new mechanics and some really great sense of speed I'm sure.

Imagine expanded combat mechanics, customization as far as bikes, characters, weapons to bring. Imagine how awesome they could make the wipe outs? I'm just imagining how a rider would bounce off the pavement with his bike shattering apart and his helmet cracking. I wonder if you'd still have to run back to your bike... was funny to get run over doing that. As far as multiplayer they could make a biker gang system.

Just make sure to keep the soundtrack with some Soundgarden on it.

Make it so!

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Criterion is making a new Burnout is called Need For Speed Most Wanted ... is just like Most Wanted but your facebook friends are the blacklist!

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I would love a new Road Rash game to happen, actually been thinking about that for a while. Not sure who should really do it, though Criterion seems it would be a decent choice.

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@HeavyDuty32 said:

I would love a new Road Rash game to happen, actually been thinking about that for a while. Not sure who should really do it, though Criterion seems it would be a decent choice.

I'm just curious who would possibly be a better choice?

No other developer has nailed combat while racing like Criterion has. Sure this is different but I think they certainly get it. I'd love to see a focus back on the combat ala Burnout 3: Takedown, which Road Rash would be of course and then some.

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@Phatmac said:

BUT WHAT ABOUT BLACK 2!?!?!?!!??!!?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!!?

^ End of Topic !

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  • Downloadable title for 15 bucks
  • Set in early 90's America
  • Early 90's sounds like 80's rock
  • Dog The Bounty Hunter is the main character
  • FMV Videos
  • GOTY
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Absolutely. I was half expecting a Road Rash / Bike DLC for Criterion's Hot Pursuit.

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They could pull it off, no doubt about it. I'd rather see another Black or just something new from them.

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I also gotta say that Black had promise, but funny to hear such an outcry for a sequel. Black wasn't really that good. And now when we already have so many FPS games. And people are always decrying this trend of so many FPS games.

I get that Black could be better, but yeah. Road Rash would be something different at least.

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I think they should make a new B-O first, but yes, it would be nice, I have fond memories of the MD games.

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It should be a downloadable game. How bad is that guys? you make it sound like games today are automatic 60 buck releases. I can definitely see them doing a motorcycle racing game, where the mechanics are simple, but you have cops, jumps and weapons to knock out your opponents.

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I wouldn't say no. In fact, I'd buy the hell out of it, but it's SUCH a product of the 90s... if they tried to modernize the aesthetic at all, it would ruin it.

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No thank you. Criterion are a one trick pony that can only make Burnout games. Burnout is fine, but they need to keep it out of existing franchises.

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@GorillaMoPena said:

Give me Skitchin' or give me death.

Give us both.

Honestly, they did a fantastic reboot with Hot Pursuit. I don't think they could fail with Road Rash or Skitchin. They need to make them happen.

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I've got fond memories of Roadrash.. but I do have trouble imagining the same charm that the previous games had, being maintained with a modern Gen look to it. Of course that's assuming that's the direction they'd be heading in.

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