shadow71's Critter Crunch (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

A very strong release, at a great price

You really can't go wrong picking up Critter Crunch at its $6.99 price tag on PSN, the game features a nice lengthy adventure mode; and even features offline and online multiplayer.
The Adventure mode is played by completing areas on a map, each area typically consists of a few main adventure levels, coupled with a puzzle and challenge game type. While the main game type is easily the most enjoyable, the other two mix things up nicely and make for a greater overall package. Probably the best thing the game does is it constantly introduces new gameplay mechanics (in the form of the bugs) at nearly every new stage, so you never really get tired of the gameplay.
The game ramps up its difficulty quite nicely too, you'll definitely find half way through the game that some of the challenge levels can take numerous tries (if you don't give up) and the end of the game requires you to not only play with speed, but have some luck on your side as well.
I'd easily recommend this game to anyone; especially given the price just can't go wrong with a game that your bound to get enjoyment out of, even if you've never been a huge fan of puzzle games. The graphics, animation, semi-humorous story only help make the experience even better.

Posted by nunami

tried the demo - liked it. read your review - bought it

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