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Cromwell  cares very much for Mackenzie and is a father figure to her in the abscence of any parents. He gives her advice and provides her various gadgets he makes in his workshop.
It is unknown what sort of creature Cromwell is. He gives himself self-administered 'blood transfusions' during the series but is probably not a vampire as he's seen outside druing the day in the bonus episode of Touch detective.  He does however have blue skin, dresses in a gothic style and sleeps in an iron maiden.
He is the leader of the Kamikaze Superstars Hide 'n' Seek team, his nickname is 'Chief Zen'. The other members are Mist Ninja, Samurai Dancer, Sushi Master, Geisha Starlet and Nunchuck Warrior.

 Professor Layton as Cromwell.

 Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright as Mackenzie and Cromwell.

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