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Darksiders II opens with Death, the First Horseman of the Apocalypse, riding forth to seek the Crowfather at his home in the dead, frozen world known only as the Veil. Death sought to resurrect the murdered Human race, which would free his brother, War, the Fourth Horseman, who was accused of indirectly exterminating the Humans by starting the premature Apocalypse.

Death battles the imposter War

When the Crowfather, who is implied to have gifted Death in ages past with his crow companion Dust, refuses to aid the Horseman unless he takes back the amulet containing the souls of the Nephilim, Death attacks the old sage, at which point the Crowfather uses his powerful magic to shapeshift into a copy of War, and presses his own attack.

Death easily overcomes the replica of his brother in the ensuing battle, and mortally wounds the Crowfather, vowing to find the information he needs to resurrect Humanity by himself, but the Crowfather, with his dying words, tells Death about the Tree of Life, and then uses his magic to open a portal to the Forge Lands, where it can be located - but not before also using his magic to shatter the amulet containing the souls of the Nephilim and driving them into Death's flesh, forcing him to accept the burden for the deed he committed millenia ago.

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