Crusader kings 2 and the amazing live action trailers

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Ok, so, crusader kings 2 is a grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive set in the years 1066-1453 (I think that's the last date), release date of Feb 7. Now, it is a grand strategy game, and as such looks like... THIS

actually playing in the physical map mode is for losers, but yes this is basically what it looks like. there are MAD MENUS. there are EVENTS. there are not even real time battles (this aint no total war game), instead you marry off your daughters and sons to cousins because this is THE MIDDLE AGES BABY. You might say, "well, Animasta, how are you going to make a trailer about a game all about looking at a map interesting?" to which I would reply "LIVE ACTION TRAILERS"

Now, I know this would normally be construed as youtube spam, but seeing as they are not on the site and not many people have seen them, I feel obligated to post them because they are pretty damn funny (also all of this stuff you can do in game) (well except medieval dance parties, but there are always mods)

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Now does this make you more or less interested in the game? or does this just make you wish for dance central: medieval or something

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That is some quality advertising! I laughed out loud at all of them.

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Awesome. Just awesome.

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