Crusader Kings 2: Preview

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A rural Irish county in shambles after the shocking death of an esteemed Earl. A seven year old son thrust into the high seat of county ruler with only his poor estranged mother to look after him. A new threat looming on the horizon as the English succession across the Irish sea is escalating faster than expected. Are you up for the challenge of spreading your Irish bloodline across the the face of Western Europe?



Where is Ireland?

In the upcoming title, Crusader Kings II, by Paradox Interactive, you take on the role of a landed nobleman (or noblewoman) of Western Europe (non-Pagan, non-Muslim), fighting off ill-born sons and frightful poxes. From all corners of the map you will face adversity in the form of unruly neighbors or vengeful Mongolian hoards; closer to home you might even feel the bitter sting that is a bastard child or an unfaithful wife. But hey, you could always throw them in jail and feed the key to your jester.

Full Preview:

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Awesome, been looking forward to this.

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