Did anyone else get this game after the QL?

#1 Posted by Leptok (942 posts) -

Man, It's been my favorite since I picked it up, so fun.

Did anyone else get into it? Are there enough crazy people out there for a multiplayer th game?

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I really wanted to, but I couldn't get a grasp on Europa and figured Crusader Kings would be similar. I know it's got something of a crazy barrier of entry, but how easy is it to have a basic understanding of the game?

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I played the demo and enjoyed it, waiting for a Steam sale.

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I've been a huge Paradox fan for a while, so I'd already preordered CK2 and put in something like 50 hours when I saw the QL. It was still great, though. I'd be up for a multiplayer game sometime. If the multiplayer were better implemented (drop-in would be nice!) a TnT would be hilarious/amazing.

If we were to get a game going, I'd suggest aiming for 4 or 5 people and have everyone play as members of the same dynasty. Rurikovich, maybe?

@Breadfan: CK2 is the most accessible Paradox strategy game there is (besides Sengoku, which is just a CK2-lite set in Japan); it's really absolutely nothing like EU3. World conquest isn't the focus, and in fact, it's basically impossible. You can flounder about and have a great time (my first game, I worked my way up to King of England and Scotland from a lowly one-county count over a period of 150 years) -- compared to EU3, a game which is hopelessly unforgiving to newcomers.

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Waiting for a good sale or a complete pack as it seems they're going heavy with the DLC.

#6 Posted by Oddy4000 (94 posts) -

The DLC doesn't seem to have much value - $10 for a few new song tracks and a ruler designer. =\

#7 Posted by Red12b (9084 posts) -

i did, shouldnt've though...

#8 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2035 posts) -

@PeasantAbuse said:

I played the demo and enjoyed it, waiting for a Steam sale.

Your wish has been granted! It is on sale now!

I just grabbed it and I'm pretty excited -- I'm a big fan of grand strategies.

#9 Posted by Sanity (1939 posts) -

After sleeping on it i grabbed this on sale this morning before the deal goes away as i keep hearing crazy things about this game. I enjoyed the QL but it was too expensive before as im not sure if i can get into it or not, looking forward to after work to give it a go.

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Bought it and tried playing it while half asleep last night. Didn't go well, will try again today but it seems too crazy even for me.

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I got it back when the quick look came out. I rather enjoy it. My first playthrough took me about 32 hours in which I went from a nobody (Aelfricson in Shrewsbury) to eventually conquering Scotland. Then from there systematically conquered almost the rest of England, half of Ireland and a small portion of France. Sadly the game ended right when I had plans to conquer the rest of France, England and had even married a daughter matrilinearly to a prince of the Holy Roman Empire. So any kids they have would be of my dynasty and if the other people in line to succession for that empire had sudden "accidents", the entire empire would have fallen under my dynasty. But the game ended, damn reneissance era hehe.

I had a lot of fun with it and I feel that I prefer the more methodical, politically minded pace to the total war games. Also the focus on dynasty rather than nations is a nice touch. Greatest ruler I had was I believe a Queen called Lishan, was under her that I declared war on scotland, hired a load of mercenaries and in the very first battle took the king prisoner. Instantly won me the war and I claimed his crown. Not bad for a dynasty that started with a single territory, I got pretty lucky hehe.

I had the occassional internal trouble, generally just the same families, any people who try to rebel though with only one or two territories were easily put down. The one time I had trouble was when I had a lord who owned about 9 territories rebel. Also his dynasty kept trying to make things elective, lower my authority, etc. Eventually they pushed it too far and after a failed rebellion wound up in prison, their titles revoked and then subsequently executed. Didn't have any more trouble out of them after that.

Oh, and I once declared war on the papacy to reclaim land I gifted them in order to get a divorce. Took the pope prisoner, bribed the guy who replaced him then executed the Pope to cement the replacement's position. Didn't really get into trouble for it as the replacement one's opinion of me was 100. Suppose he liked the bribe and the sudden promotion hehe.

It is a fun game and I love the stories it creates with all the intrigue. Not so much about conquering the whole of europe, more just about getting by and furthering the prestige of your dynasty.

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Grabbed it at 75% off. Still no Idea what to do.

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