The Republic. New CK2 DLC set for Q1 2013

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not really excited about it to be frank

I want pagans :(

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@Animasta said:

not really excited about it to be frank

I want pagans :(

Oh man. I know how you feel... I'm sure it's otw though. It still blows my mind the amount of content they give players for free in the patches alone.

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Well considering their fanbase is very... small, they have to appease them as much as possible.

I'll probably get it anyways, would probably make for fun games to bring into EU3, but eh.

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A bonus that can come from this is that the Game of Thrones mod will be able to introduce Essos, but I do wish Pagans were expanded on first. Though creating like a hardcore Venetian republic that dominates the Mediterranean could be cool. Either way this is an instant buy, I love this game so much, every piece of DLC must be purchased.

Maybe with the faction system we would be able to create a "make a republic faction" which revolts against the monarch, and spreads these revolutionary ideas across Europe... Oh boy, the possibilities.

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@Sumbog: Didn't think about that. Moving ever closer to a complete ASoIF world. I just want a little island of Dothraki I can play as Mongol style.

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Extremely happy with this news; I'm definitely excited to militarize one of the republics and see how history plays out -- it was actually one of things I really wanted to do when this game started.

I still have to catch up on all the other DLC, though!


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