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Let's build castles in the sand! 0

.... no, fuck that. Let's build a kingdom.Crusader Kings II is a sandbox where every piece of sand represents a person. Each person has goals of their own. They have various stats, traits and, if they are lucky, they belong to a prominent family or even a great dynasty. In Crusader Kings II you play as one of these people, and when that person dies you keep playing as their heir. This goes on for about 600 years until the game ends, rather unceremoniously, with a screen that shows your score. Th...

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Crusadin ain't easy. 0

Now, I've not preordered any paradox interactive game because people on other forums usually say that's a bad idea; due to bugs, due to missing features... their best game, Europa Universalis 3, took 2 expansions to become good, so I was not hoping for much around 3 months ago. Lots of preview stuff said that the game was actually good, and I watched some 2 hour long streams of it, and that was good enough for me to preorder, and after playing an almost full game of it (this "full game" has take...

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Crusader Kings II Review: Deus Vult 0

Paradox are a developer that have made some of the most niche games on the market, yet they are also some of the games that have appealed to me most. The Paradox brands of strategy games are typically deep and layered with multiple systems that need to be micromanaged. They are far from appealing to a mass market and are difficult to access as a new player, but for those who are looking for this type of weird strategy game there is no developer quite like Paradox. Crusader Kings 2 is the latest ...

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Crusader Kings II Review 0

With a distinct flare all their own, Paradox Interactive has released the second iteration of their Crusader Kings series: Crusader Kings II. Playing Crusader Kings is like watching a silly medieval soap opera where you are the star– but you could die of consumption by the end of your playthrough. Paradox Interactive has the pedigree to create some of the most engrossing, albeit difficult historical strategy games money can buy. But, you ask yourself, “Why would I want to take the role as a decr...

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A Remarkable Strategy Game 0

I put hundred of hours into Europa III. And I enjoyed every one.Crusader Kings 2 is easily one of the most enthralling strategy games on the market. That should be no surprise. As the guys over at Paradox Interactive have a great track record for making quality video games like Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron and so on. However, Crusader Kings 2 goes above and beyond.Make sure to put aside a lot of hours before you hop into this epic.Not only do you play as a country in Crusader Kings, you pl...

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Grand Strategy Done Right 0

With free-form games like Minecraft reaching previously unthinkable levels of financial and critical success, just about every game seems to be pushing the claim that "every playthrough is different' . Crusader Kings 2 is on a very short list of titles that can actually claim to have reached that lofty ambition. The medieval Europe of Crusader Kings 2 (While the landmasses exist in the base game, characters inhabiting the Middle East and India can only be accessed through purchase of DLC w...

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Intangible delight 0

I don't know how to explain why this game is amazing. It simply is. Everyone I have met who has played it is simply engrossed. Whether it is by the desire to conquer, the intrigue of state diplomacy, or simply getting revenge on their brother-in-law whose wife plotted to kill their son. This game will draw you in and before you know it you will be marrying your neice to the son of a rival country in order for their eventual grandchild to have a decent opinion of you so you can call on his aid in...

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