Crush Is Back, and It's In 3D

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(and the set is now complete)
Crush3d  looks good. It may even tempt me to actually turn the 3D effect on for a change.

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i was just thinking of this game the other day. I'm happy to see it back

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I remember Crush being good.

Also, isn't this a different character from the first? Don't really like the look of this new guy.

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Hell yes! Crush was great on the psp. This game deserves a sequel.

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I don't remember a bathrobe....

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I hope they keep the excellent voices and story from the original and not make it too kid friendly. I liked the original art style better too. But the gameplay looks as good as it was before. 

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Not sure why they would choose to show off the poor jumping controls at the end there.

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3D Madness!

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Oh man I was hoping this was Crush from Finding Nemo

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talk about a game that plays directly to the 3DS' top screen.  loads of fun on the PSP, i could be down for a sequel

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Oh wait,I thought you were talking about the pro wrestler.OK then,carry on!

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So... is it pronounced Crushed or Crush 3D?

Think I'll just go with 3D.
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My memories of Crush are of playing it while listening to something called The Arrow Pointing Down Podcast, or something like that. God that was a while ago.

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@spankingaddict said:
" I remember Crush being good.Also, isn't this a different character from the first? Don't really like the look of this new guy. "
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I thought this was trying to be funny and it was going to be a Fez trailer but man what Crush is back.

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Seems like a good fit.

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Man, I fucking loved Crush on the PSP.

*runs to get PSP*

*realises he gave PSP to younger brother*

*is briefly upset, then remembers Crush was the only game he ever played on PSP*
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Looks really cool, haven't played any Crash games before.

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Okay, 3DS. You have my attention.

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@EuanDewar said:
" @spankingaddict said:
" I remember Crush being good.Also, isn't this a different character from the first? Don't really like the look of this new guy. "
He reminds me of 2-D from Gorillaz in that respect.
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This looks like where Fez got all its ideas from... That's kind of disappointing. Also I want Fez still more than this. 

Also graphics look terribly meh, I don't see what anyone else is seeing in the art style.
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Awesome. One of my favourites on the psp!!

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While this is probably the only game on the  3DS that seems to put 3D to good use, I hate what they did to the art style. It looks so bleh. Hopefully it retains the same whacky story as the PSP version.

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It looks OK, I don't really feel inclined to want to play this though. It's old hat, there are much better looking puzzle games coming to 3DS.

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@Vegsen said:

" Looks really cool, haven't played any Crash games before. "

It's a sequel to crush, a puzzle game where you could flatten the world to 2D so you could get from one place to another.

So it's just a port of the original...Still looks interesting.
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Loved Crush on the PSP.  This seems like a complete 180 in terms of character design, atmosphere and music choice, but the game play seems intact.  Perhaps people will actually buy it this time.

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The artstyle is as bad yet different from the original but the core mechanics remains intact, which was fantastic on psp.  I hope it does infinitely better on 3DS.

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I forgot about the first game.

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I remember this game. Never figured out why people enjoyed it so much... It as pretty meh. 

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Loved Crush. Never finished it. Too busy with P3P to go back. :)
Will give this one a try when I'm done with Picross 3D. And when I find someone who owns a 3DS.

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This seems like an ideal use of 3D.

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This is neat!  I liked the first game well enough.  A concept that hadn't been tackled before - it's been long enough now that it's easy to get excited about it again :)

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I thought it was superman 64 from the thumbnail

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