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Cryostasis- Cool, but not cool enough

Im calling my shot and saying Cryostasis is going to be the winner of this years "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." award. An award for a game that has everything going for it to be great. An original interesting story, innovative graphics, good characters, strong enemies, and a realistic atmosphere. However,  in the end execution and technical problems will be all that is remembered for this game.
Cryostasis is simply a FPS, horror, adventure game. The game is set in 1981 where you are trying to find out what happened to the Captain and crew of the nuclear Russian ice breaking ship, the North Wind.

The Good:
The story. I know 1C and NVIDIA are toting this as a graphics innovator using their physx technology, but its the story that is the headliner IMO. The best moments are not gun battles or scares, but when you are just a witness or participant in the story flashbacks. The flashbacks are echoes where you will either change the fate of a fallen crew member, or you will just be an observer of event that happened on the North wind. The scenes are well executed and give each charter life which is rare in games.

Its ver, very cold.
Coolness factor: Who will not turn that first heater on and watch the ice turn to water running down the walls and make puddles on the floor without saying to themselves, cool? i also liked the different approach for a lifeline in the game which was heat. Using heaters, steam, light bulbs or heat from a motor will restore your health. If the temperature drops below to extreme cold your health will be drained,  another cool idea. Special props to when you get to play as a Polar bear in one scenario, but why o why did  they not let us maul that SOB?

Graphics, atmosphere, levels and sound. If you have a PC system that can handle all the goodies, you are in for quite a treat. Everything from character models to the ship itself are well detailed. The atmosphere is so good you swear you will get cold playing. The game is 99% inside the ship and while that doesnt equate to a lot change the levels are great and put together with a lot of thought and detail. The sound is outstanding. From the reloading of bolt action weapons,  cold,  howling freezing wind constantly blowing , the creakiness of a slowing shifting quiet steel ship, to the voice acting of all the charters the sound excels and brings the game to life.  

Game length: I guess for its faults this should be labeled under "Bad" but i was totally surprised that this game was 17 chapters and hey i kept going. Great stories will keep you going til the end.

The Bad:
Firstly, if you have played either S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (1 & 2 ) or Crysis, and you and your pc made it thru(barely) then you will feel right at home with Cryostasis. This game is a complete system hog. I tried multiple settings(Sm, no AA, scaled res) and it barely could keep an acceptable playable average.

Secondly, crashes. Mostly near the end of the game. Dont know the reason, but it seemed to happen when entering the last few bodies.
Stay away from this guy

Third, Horrible, horrendous AI. The AI is a total failure IMO. While the enemies look totally awesome, frightening and very original its just too bad they are complete idiots. Their ability to shoot you without aiming is kind of a bummer. Also i would add the weapons in this category. Besides the necessity of some(a sniper rifle on a ship? A useless flare gun) ammo while abundant at the beginning is scarce for some of the more important weapons later in the game. Kind of difficult to go against a double machine gun toting Jailer with bolt action weapons that take a minimum of 3 seconds to load.

For all its great moments, and ideas in the end Cryostasis will be labeled and only remembered as What could have been.

Posted by Buddycuffs

There's a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game coming out in the fall, so that will probably win this year's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. award, heh. Nice review.

Edited by AhmadMetallic

Im still kinda at the beginning, i didnt reach the part of the Demo that was released, yet.. i really like this game.

(1) i dont mind setting the graphics on low 
(2) the AI are supposed to be idiots, i think, it looked very logical that they were all slow and dumb, it fits their looks and very 'frozen' condition :P .
(3)Not sure about crashes since i didnt get there yet but maybe..

On the whole this game took my breath away, startled and amazed me.. and still is since i didnt finish it yet.
I love each and every moment while playing it and how the story works out with what YOU change is simply fucking brilliant.
Posted by TheDudeOfGaming

Out now, the review from the guy that gave Duke Nukem Forever 3.5 stars and Cryostasis disgust me.

Posted by Chroma_Auron

You didn't really state how the game play is bad. All you did was mention the AI being not smart thought they are hardly a complete failure.

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