Crysis 2 DX11

#1 Posted by The_Dark_Guardian (47 posts) -

So has anyone installed the patch for DX11 and played it? I wanna know if it looks any better. I would play it myself but thats out of the question because my laptop can't come close to running it.

#2 Posted by AlisterCat (6253 posts) -

DX11 patch wont be out until the summer.

#4 Posted by AlisterCat (6253 posts) -
@HarryR0se: That was just a rumour.
#5 Posted by The_Dark_Guardian (47 posts) -

I see.... that was just a rumor... nevermind then

#6 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5904 posts) -
Summer sounds awfully crazy.
#7 Posted by Scotto (1279 posts) -

Assuming it was true that it would take until the summer... what's even the point.  Players will be thoroughly done with the single player game by the time the summer rolls around. 
 - Scott

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