Crysis 2 only gives me high, very high, extreme settings.

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My main problem is that it barely runs on high, why can't I set it any lower?
I am using a Pavilion dv7 laptop.

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#3 Posted by Elazul (1343 posts) -

Just out of interest, do you listen to the Bombcast or watch any of the site's video content? I'm pretty sure this has been covered at length already.

#4 Posted by SXBIG (145 posts) -
@Elazul: Stopped listening to the bombcast a long time ago.
#5 Posted by Delusibeta (71 posts) -

Ultimately, what the other guys said. "High" is what Crytek calls low. I recommend search for the Advanced Graphics Menu mod.

#6 Posted by ShaggE (7182 posts) -

It's Crytek's idea of a joke. Pay it no mind and get the menu mod Delusibeta mentioned.

#7 Posted by Elazul (1343 posts) -
@SXBIG:  Well, there's your problem. Start listening again and your performance will improve drastically.

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