Graphics update for PC.

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There's an update, but anyone that has Crysis 2, I'll let you download it yourself and figure it all out yourselves. It looks better now, and you can finally set individual settings up to fit your needs for an even faster experience.

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EDIT: [Statement Retracted] - I thought you were talking about The Witcher 2.
I did not buy Crysis 2 because it did not look fun.

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Too little too late?

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Is it the DX11 patch or did that already happen?

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Neat. I doubt it'll really make that huge of a difference (DX11 isn't really all that big an upgrade over even 9) but I'll check it out for sure. Been meaning to play some more multiplayer. Here are the patch notes: 
New Features
• Added advanced graphics options
• Added F1 to vote during vote kicks
• Prematch mode for ranked servers added allowing people to fight on the map until sufficient players have joined for the ranked play to start
• Upped the default score limits in some game modes:
• - Crash Site has a limit of 175 (was 150)
• - Team Instant Action has a limit of 75 (was 50)
• - Instant Action has a limit of 30 (was 25)

• Fixed vote kicking not working for players with certain characters in their name
• Fixed ping display displaying 1000 for many servers in the PC server browser
• Fixed issue where terrain would be rendered in black on some levels
• Fixed single player save games with broken nano catalyst values (NB: This is for existing save games!)
• Fixed under-barrel attachment HUD displaying incorrectly
• Fixed minor 'Loadout Pro' exploit
• Fixed issue with being melee'd during a ledge grab (which could lead to fly exploits)
• Fixed some AI spawning issues in single player
• Fixed rare crash in single player
• Fixed an audio loop issue on the single player level "Semper Fi"
• Fixed an issue with the DLC store which could lead to players not being able to access the purchase history tab. Players can now access this tab, and from there download their DLC straight into their game and have it auto installed for them
• Fixed other cosmetic issues in the DLC store
• Fixed Light Shotgun attachment skill assessment not being levelled up
• Optimization to SSAO
• Further Anti cheat improvements
• Tweaked in-game audio dialogue (player taunts, announcements, etc) to be more diverse with more content for more events
• Mystery dog tags unlocked whilst not connected to a server will now remain unlocked
• Players that have rebooted will no longer be able to enter "New Recruits" servers

Balance Changes
• Balance changes to a variety of weapons, including:
• - JAW rocket speed and damage reduced
• - Under-barrel shotgun effectiveness reduced
• - Removed accuracy bonus for crouching with HMG
• - Increased K-Volt damage
• Balance changes to a variety of nanosuit modules, including:
• - Reduced the bonus that extended mags provides
• - Point fire enhance has improved effectiveness
• - Mobility Enhance has reduced effectiveness
• Balance change to Maximum Suit's armour: effectiveness has been slightly reduced
• Balance change to headshot damage from 1.8x to 1.5x

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Yeah. 1.7.

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I should have never bought it. Waste of my fucking money....

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@Th3_James: Same here, I still can't play it as I get black patches that just appear all over the screen making the game completely unplayable.
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Thought it was the DX11 patch :(   just lets you change some settings lower than default ones.  

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I just tried it out (version 1.8) and I guess it's not a DX11 patch (again, don't care), but, yeah, wow, it made the game look miles better than it did, and it already looked brilliant before. Very nice.

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I just wish there was a multi-GPU fix that actually fixed the issues that this game has! I have 2 gaming PCs in my household, 1 with a 6990 and another with 2x 6970s and both PCs can't play the game due to graphics glitches.

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