How is the full game on PS3?

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I remember everyone saying the demo of the PS3 was fucked. Now that the game is out, how is it? I keep hearing that now it's the other way around: that the 360 version has screen tearing and framerate issues. Can anyone confirm or deny? I was planning on buying the game some time this week.

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It's perfectly fine. The resolution is a bit lower so it's slightly blurrier, but I rather like that because it makes it look better imo. Also the shadows are a lot better than the 360 version (smooth edges versus jagged and angular). Textures are the same. I didn't notice any framerate hitches or screen tearing, but take that with a grain of salt because I'm usually oblivious to such things unless they are severe (like 15fps). 

Overall, I'd say they are near identical apart from the slight resolution difference and shadows. 
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I have the 360 version. All I know is that when the 360 version gets action-heavy, the framerate takes a big hit, but on the PS3, it's fairly steady throughout.

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@HitmanAgent47 said:
" @Enigma777: you think slightly blurrier makes things looks better? It's the complete opposite for the pc version. "
Not always, but in this case, yes I do. There's something about the Crysis artstyle...
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I think I'll get it then. While we're at it, how hard is the highest difficulty? Are the trophies crazy?

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I suggest you play on pc.

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@scarace360: I know. It looks way better on PC. Unfortunately, my PC cannot run Crysis 2 very well. My video game is a X1950XTX... a last-gen model (actually, the last last-gen video card put out by ATI). Also, I love them trophies, so, PS3 it is for me.
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@AuthenticM said:
" I think I'll get it then. While we're at it, how hard is the highest difficulty? Are the trophies crazy? "
I suggest playing it on a lower difficulty first, so you can upgrade your suit. Then the highest difficulty is a cakewalk. 

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