The enemies for the third Crysis.

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I don't know about anyone else, and I'm not sure how the Ceph have changed in between the first Crysis and Crysis 2, but I hope in the third Crysis they mix both the Alien types from the first and second to give more variety. I heard that they're both different types of race of Ceph, or worse, the Ceph have simply adapted. I hope they're a different race of Ceph, that would make it a lot better in the sequel. I want to fight the Hunters again. Does anyone else care?

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Awww. No posts? Fine. I see how it is. :D

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@valrog: Yeah, I was reading that wikia just before posting this thread. Thanks for putting it up.
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@NTM: I hear you. Sure the ending level was amazing, but damn I was really disappointed that there were no ice levels. The new Ceph also felt pretty disappointing, at least they looked good in the trailer, but in the game... Meh. Also, bosses could use more diversity.

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