What are the things that made you disappointed about this game?

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Or in other words, what was different, large and small that you didn't like from the original, to Crysis 2? Personally, the small things I hated, which while playing it may not feel like it makes much of a difference, but in the long run it does, is that they took out leaning, and the ability to go prone. I loved laying down in the grass, watching over my prey and making plans as to what I will do next -- find a way around them, or have a well thought out plan how to shoot them all before they see me, or simply take them out before they can shoot back. Maybe a mix of both stealth and action, either way, that helped me feel immersed in being both predator and prey for the latter half of the game.  
A huge thing that turned me off was that they practically killed off Nomad, Psycho, Helena, and certainly Prophet. While it was well enough explained, in Crysis 2, I could help but feel like they simply wanted to kill them off so they can get some new characters in to start fresh, which isn't something I desired. I may be a bit off with the definition, so sorry for that, but the production of the game, I can't stand; on the consoles there are so many small glitches, that while may not break the games play-ability, but experience. From a random grainy haze effect that occurs whenever it likes to, which the only way to fix it is to turn off the system right then and there, and restart the mission. 
There was a lot of pop-in, and characters getting caught up in environments, making a somewhat dumb AI, look even dumber, and there were multiple sound glitches, like at some points in the game, you could hear a clipping sound from when you load up your saved came, and it either goes away after a while, or it doesn't, then the other clipping like sound where it's as if someone left a record player repeating over and over. Personally, I think there's way more problems that hinder an alright game without all these contrivances. I'm just wondering, if these things weren't present, like the ability to go prone/lean, and the handful of glitches, would the game really be better? What makes the first Crysis so much better, that it's one of my favorite games ever made? 
I'm not sure, but I'm having a very hard time trying to love this game as I can often do after being disappointed with a myriad of other games, one being Killzone 3 so far this year. Well, I finally like that game. Anyways, what do you think happened to make this game so much, or simply just worse than its predecessor? Or is this game better? I've played it on PC (and PS3), have it on PC, and there are so many less bugs, so many less that I'm not sure I found one, but I don't have a computer to play it on now, so I'd have to get a new one... Anyways, sorry for any errors I made up there, I wrote it kind of fast and wanted to get the point out somewhat fast. Here's to hoping Crysis 3's nearly as amazing as its first, as I still have hope in Cevat Yerli's ability to make fantastic games. Oh, and again sorry for those that feel like Crysis 2 is old news by now. 
This game also needs way better voice acting. DAMN!

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The "HERE ARE THE OPTIONS THAT YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF" hand holding design. In Crysis and Warhead, they just gave you the location and what needed to be done, and you were on your own. Which is reasonable, for a man wearing a Nanosuit.
Oh, and no Ice levels. Damn I wanted Ice levels. And the boss fights were boring and unimaginative. And lacked variety. And stealth (Well, AI) was broken. And yes, killing off Nomad, Psycho and others was a huge blow.
Other than that, it was quite enjoyable.

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