When (if ever) are they going to fix the console version glitches

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Sorry, no room for the question mark. Anyways, I know. PC, PC, PC. But really, it's proving hard for Crytek to please both crowds it seems. I have it on both PC and 360, and all I ever heard was unhappy people. There's a lot of sound and graphical glitches on the 360. Why can't some of these just be smoothed out a bit. Not that I'd be able to do it, but as great of developers as Crytek is, they shouldn't have a hard time fixing the myriad, but small problems. Hazy grain effect that pops up randomly, a clicking-like sound glitch, some major pop-in, and etc. I haven't checked in about a month or so, but I'm pretty sure they haven't fixed it yet. What's with the procrastination? I hate bitching, but this is actually something to bitch about. Alright, sorry for old news. 

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Because Crytek doesn't care

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If they haven't by now, I doubt they ever will.

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Do you think now that Crysis is out, they can now focus a bit on Crysis 2 for a while again so they can fix the bugs in it? Then maybe go back to the first to fix some of the bugs in that as well if at all possible. I hope they work a bit more on these two Crysis games while they work on whatever else project they're doing.

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I bet if you paid them 800 Microsoft points they would patch it.

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