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We finaly have gameplay footage for Cyrsis 3, or more extensive footage that is and the game looks phenominal so i made this thread for you guys to share your thoughts on the game and discuss how you think it will turn out

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It surprisingly doesn't look bad to me. I was really disappointed in two, but loved the original. I'm glad Prophet is back and the suit has his voice. I don't know if what was shown was PC, but it was looking good. I think they reused the same voice for the guys in the helicopter though.

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I think it looks really good.

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To keep things going, Do you think DX11 style graphics will be implemented in the Console version? Crytek did mention they would if performance doesn't take a big hit.

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Was that cockney guy in the trailer supposed to be Psycho?

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The fact that they went deeper and deeper down the hole they dug of looking nothing like a Crysis game but rather having this neon, flashy futuristic light zaz in my face and giving the game this cold heavy weight, (in other words, turning from a unique groundbreaking shooter to a Killzone clone) is just so, so sad. 
I will keep playing the real Crysis. The second and third one only share the name and the nano suit.  
I would say that Far Cry 3 is my new Crysis but that shit looks scripted to hell.. God damn it Call of Duty, you're ruining everything, all the time :(

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I wasn't really impressed by it. They don't seem to be making many leaps in any sort of direction from Crysis 2.

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Producer Michael Read, during an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine (UK):

"Crysis1 and 2 embodied the extremes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.WithCrysis 3, we found a good compromise that offers players a more dynamic approach to challenges without losing sight of the ultimate goal.The mixture of urban environments in ruins, lush forest and open areas help to strengthen the experience."

I played the PC MP demo last month and came away very impressed with the Hunter Mode, it was certainly a lot of fun.

The game on PC looks notably better now, there's no overall parity with the 360 as far as the visuals concerned. I tried to get some info on the specs from some of the Nvidia guys that were meandering around, but they told me not to expect them until sometime in late November - early December. I also asked what specs the PC demo build was running on, but again they wouldn't say. I also couldn't tell from sneaking a peak in the backroom and looking at the PC cases

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I enjoyed the hell out of the original Crysis, and while I liked Crysis 2 it didn't hit that level of engagement for me. From what I've seen thus far, I think Crysis 3 will definitely offer a improved experience over the 2nd iteration. Aesthetically I find the game so far to be stunning.

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Crysis 2 was a major disappointment for me, Crytek failed in building upon the advancements in the genre that the PC games brought about.

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Crysis 2 had so really good ideas and locations, but they really didnt build upon anything in the previous games to improve the experience in a meaningful way. I plan on going back and playing crysis one very soon, but im not sure how i feel about crysis 3 at the moment. Ive been playing the beta on the PS3 and have been having a blast, but the single player is was interests/concerns me. I want the gameplay to be something more interesting that the last one...and im starting to have my doubts that it will be anything that amazing. Nonetheless i will most likely buy Crysis 3 when it goes on sale. Hopefully over the summer break :)

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I'm not too concern about gameplay (it looks the same), but more on the feel of character movement and feedback from the environment. The videos so far have displayed some unique subtle touches on these fronts, and the "cinematography" or the fps perspective of the player looks rad as hell.

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