Crysis 3 performance in SLI

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Has anyone heard about how Crysis 3 performs on a system setup in SLI? After the mess of issues Far Cry 3 had at launch for SLI users I'm worried about buying this right away. I've got 2 670's and without patching Far Cry 3 ran as low as 15 fps in 1080 in spots. That shouldn't happen when I can run BF3 at 2560x1440 everything maxed out and never drop below 60fps.

EDIT: I just read the release notes for the new driver Nvidia released this morning. Claims to boost single card performance in Crysis 3 specifically by 5% and SLI performance by 65%

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Turn off the SLI for games that don't like it?

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What ive read its an improvement over the last beta.

You probably wont be maxing it out and running at 2560x1440 @ 60 from the get go though.

Hopefully after better drivers and patches though...

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@kidavenger: Logic says that doing that would give you the performance of a single 670 but for whatever reason it doesn't. I'd have to remove the second card entirely. At least that's how it worked with FC3.

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@squidc00kie: Whether you are using the card or not, the fact that a second card is installed make the pci-e bus run with half the available lanes. It shouldn't matter, but if I had to take a guess at the problem, then that would be it.

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Goddamnit, this post just reminded me I updated my drivers a couple days ago and I forgot to reenable SLI. No wonder my performance has been so shitty, derp.

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