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But heres hoping that they fix the optimization with patches.

In the meantime you can use this handy tool released by Crytek to help getting those extra frames.


With some tweaking im running with constant 60 frames at 1920x1200 with i5 3550 and a GTX 670

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PC Master Race!

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@zenmastah: It probably would have helped if you had said what settings you were running on. Also They said before this game came out it was gunna be a system hog, I think 680 is their "recommended" card, which would probably get you 60 on High, but if you wanted to max it out I could imagine you need something more!

Plus you're running at 1920x1200 which isn't gunna help :P

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Could probably use the motion blur and lens flare but i dont like those effects.

Pretty constant 60 dipping into 50s when the game loads something.

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Wish people would stop posting this picture of me online.

That's my alone time!

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I'm running very high everything and FXAA ( don't mind the slight blur and better FPS than 1x smaa) with vsync on and accepting that it'll be running at 30fps.

TXAA looks so, so good though. Maybe my next computer will be able to run this game on very high and use TXAA.

The performance is just so all over the place when shooting for 60fps that I decided just to have a pretty game that runs at a good but not great framerate.

The biggest problem is that with vsync the game either runs at 60 or it runs at 30. If you get down to like 50 fps it just chugs down to 30. So in order to get a consistent 60 you need to lower a lot of settings that might only cause you to dip below 60 for a few moments in certain scenes.

I have a 670 EVGA FTW, 2700k, and 8gb ram. I could probably get 60fps consistently if i ran everything on high and shaders on medium, but at that point i just prefer the better detail with 30fps. plus i'm playing with controller and i feel like you don't notice 30fps as much on controller as on a mouse.

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Try disabling the ingame vsync and using D3DOoverrider to enable vsync and tripple buffering, worked for me.

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i7 3770k, 16DDR3, GTX 670, SSD - probably 30ish on max and 60ish on high. That's without v-sync and 4AA. I thought my pc would max it out without problems. Oh well.

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It's a benchmark game?

Would you rather just play another Unreal Engine port?

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It sure is, been running with everything maxed out and holy hell its beautiful, especially water with the reflections.


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I've been playing it full maxed.. and it runs fine. Sadly, it bored me like crisis 3, but at least I got it on sale :) (another plus is it works with the controller so I can play it on the PC connected to the PC)

here is a few min that I frap'd.. (for no good reason.. I know ppl never watch'm ^_^ )

Loading Video...

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haha, you used crap and ATM in the same sentence.

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