Very buggy game on PC - anyone else noticed?

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I had multiple instances where checkpoints after dying resulted in placing me in geometry that didn't allow me to move or escape, meaning I had to quit out and restart the game from the menu, sound effects disappearing for weapons or enemies, warping textures/geometry, black boxes showing up in corners of the screen, and scripted events that never happened.

Plus a super weird physics glitch in an early level in what i think was a train depot? or bus depot? that caused a bus to start hovering in midair and spinning, and it was catching cell soldiers and sending them flying. It was pretty good.

I didn't have nearly as many glitches on Crysis 1 or 2, i feel like 3 is a much buggier game. kind of disappointing. Especially the texture/geometry warping glitch, I think it must have something to do with tesselation, in that last large open area where you're taking down AA guns it was really bad.

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I've played the game for somewhere around 5 hours now according to Origin and haven't ran into a single issue. Quite a nice change of pace really. Using a GTX 660ti with latest drivers here. Are you using an AMD or Nvidia card?

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I haven't had any such issues with my setup. I think I've got about 5 hrs in too. I'm using the latest official nvidia drivers on my 680s.

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One time it spawned me in the ground and I walked downwards for a few seconds and died. Then I came back at the normal spawn spot. Other than that not too bad.

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