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Crytek's head studio
Crytek's head studio

Crytek is a German video game company founded in 1999 by three Turkish brothers: Cevat Yerli, Faruk Yerli and Avni Yerli. They started their company to create a competitive game-engine that would hold up to id Software's Quake-Engine and Epic's Unreal-Engine, which dominated the PC market at that time.

The Yerli Brothers
The Yerli Brothers

In 2000, they presented a first tech-demo at the NVidia booth at the European Computer Trade Show in London. Thanks to the overwhelming feedback they continued to develop on the demo and eventually decided to create a full-blown FPS which became FAR CRY. The CryEngine series, particularly with the Crysis series, was known for featuring the most technically advanced real-time graphics of the late 2000s.

Crytek's main studio is in Frankfurt, Germany, but they also have many other big studios. Those are: Crytek Budapest, Crytek Kiev, Crytek Sofia, Crytek Seoul, Crytek Nottingham. World wide they have about 600 employees.

Crytek has many partnerships with game and computer companies. They have studios in 36 nations around the world. Those partnerships that deal with the gaming side of things are: EA, Ubisoft and Nvidia.


Over the years Crytek has won many awards for their games.


Best PC Shooter (Crysis 2)

Best visuals (Crysis Warhead)


Best Graphics (Crysis, Crysis Warhead)*

Best Studio

Best German PC Game (Crysis)

Best Game Design (Crysis)

Game of the Year (Crysis)*


Editor's Choice (Crysis)*

Best Graphics (Crysis)*

Best Game (Crysis)

Game of the Year (Crysis)

Best PC Game E3 (Crysis)


Best Graphics E3 (Crysis)*

Best Shooter E3 (Crysis)*

Best FPS (Crysis)


Best New Studio


Best Independent Developer

Best PC Game (Far Cry)

Best In-Game Graphics (Far Cry)

Best Level Design (Far Cry)

Best New IP (Far Cry)


Top Ten Best PC Game E3 (Far Cry)

Best PC Game (Far Cry)

*-won multiple times.

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