Cthulhu Saves the World (sequel to Breath of Death 7) released!

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The sequel to the top rated Breath of Death VII just released today! It's available for 240 MS points ($3.00). From what I've been hearing, this game is about six to ten hours long, and the feedback for the game has been great (from early playtesters). I'm looking forward to giving this a shot soon (I already picked it up, haven't had a chance to try it!) Game looks all kinds of awesome.
Here's the link... please help this game sell better than Maids With Balloons.

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I'm having a great time with this game.  As an old-school RPG guy this has really tickled my fancy.  I'm near the end of the game and have put in 7 to 8 hours so far, which is really satisfying.  The graphics are charming and clean, and the music is pretty catchy.  The humor hits quite often, which was a pleasant surprise for a game in which you play an ancient elder god with a yen for spreading insanity and chaos.  If you, like me, enjoy 8 bit style RPG's and Lovecraft, this is well worth it. 
I hope for their next game the guys take out the run button, though, and make running a toggle option.  Holding down B for long stretches gets a little annoying. 

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And now it's on Steam, bundled with Breath of Death VII for $2.69!

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