Either I Just Suck at JRPGs Or This Game Is Incredibly Difficult

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I was attempting to play a bit of Cthulhu Saves the World just now, partly because I wanted to fart around with a simple 2D RPG and partly to prepare myself for the just-released Penny Arcade game, also by Zeboyd Games. I only managed to get about 30 minutes into the game before I started running into seemingly-insurmountable problems with the battle system. It's something that I've noticed in other games of this type and I don't know if it's simply the way they're meant to be played or if I'm just doing something wrong, but I seem to get into a loop where I have one character doing damage every turn and another character healing every turn. It's a reductive and simple way to play games of this type, but it seems to work most of the time. The problem in this particular situation is that three enemies were facing off against my two characters. What this means is that although I have one character attacking and one character healing, my heals/attacks can't possibly keep up with the odds, which are undeniably stacked against me.
Does anybody else have these sorts of problems with this game in particular or with JRPGs in general? It seems to me to just be bad combat design.

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Not played this game but with 8-bit/16-bit style RPGs this is usually an indication that you need to go and grind some levels.

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Yeah most JRPG's combat systems seem to heavily skewed towards succeeding by putting time in to grinding, that said cthulhu saves the world can be pretty tricky some times what with the enemies getting stronger each turn.

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Its been a while since I've played that game, but I remember it being rather average difficulty wise. I could be misremembering, but didn't it have some kind of mechanic where you could charge up tension to hit with a really powerful attack or spell? I remember that making a lot of the combat super easy.

Edit: Yeah, I just booted it up a bit ago. If you're constantly using Umi to heal then you're playing way too defensively since it heals you to max after every battle. Don't forget that her water spell hits all of the enemies and can do some damn good damage, and her once a battle 100% stun/insane can be extremely useful if you know who's going to give you difficulty right before you have Cthulhu deathblow when its a guaranteed one-shot kill. I'm currently playing on Hard mode, but this advice should work for the normal early game as well. Look through all your abilities and plan out in advance how you want to use them.

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