Zeboyd games sell more on Steam in a week than on Xbox

#1 Posted by kalmis (1744 posts) -

"We are pleased to announce that Zeboyd Games has already made more revenue in less than a week on Steam than we have in over a year and a half on the XBox Live Indie Games service,"

From Gamasutra

Not that this was a big surprise. I have actually bought both of the games on both places.

#2 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1280 posts) -

The article inferred that they must have sold at least 30,000 bundles on steam.

I bought the bundle on Steam day one, I was hesitant to buy it through the xbox indie service because it's $3 in points. That's harder to work to zero unlike 5,10, or 15 pricing of every other game on xbox (excluding game room). Also, they are a pain to find on xbox unless you like looking through the lists.

#3 Posted by Marz (5698 posts) -

well... when you get frontpage on steam, your bound to sell alot more copies o.O  don't think xbox marketplace gives any indie games the time of day on their featured lists.

#4 Posted by Dread612 (190 posts) -

I picked it up day 1 as well. So far I'm liking them. Glad they brought it to PC and that they are being successful.

#5 Posted by MattyFTM (14593 posts) -

Not a surprise. Cool looking indie games that show up on the front page of steam do sell quite well. Games that are hidden within millions of sub-menu's on the Xbox Live Marketplace don't.

#6 Posted by sirdesmond (1304 posts) -

It's really a shame that Xbox doesn't much a bigger to-do about the Xbox Live Indie titles because there is a lot of really good stuff on there. It is just so hard to find and for some reason the time downloaded titles are always Minecraft rip-offs and extremely lame avatar games. They need to find those gems and play them up, especially because they are so inexpensive and can really sell a ton of copies when other, large downloadables may not.

If anyone is looking for a great Indie title, the one I have been playing recently is Platypus, a side-scrolling spaceship shooter that is all done in claymation (Neverhood-style).

#7 Posted by mnzy (2961 posts) -

I didn't even know it's on XBL indie games. Bought it on Steam now, but would've happily played it on my 360 a long time ago.

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