I suck at this game, but it's awesome.

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Not a big fan of tower defence-like games, but for $3.99 (20 percent off on Steam), I don't think you can really go wrong. Badass music too, I hope 3 Sprockets gets some good sales off this game. I'd post a little video on youtube of me playing it, but I'm not going to plug myself. Maybe it's just me, but it's kind of really, really difficult. Even on Easy? I've only won one match out of like four I recorded...on three different maps.

Does anyone else agree, or do I just flatout suck?

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just bought it (I tend to wait until the last day of any particular sale). the trailer they had on steam looked intriguing and I usually like weird takes on tower defense.

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Bleh. I put it down after a half-hour. The defenders' AI is horrendous at choosing a target & hitting it, the actual weirdness in it is minimal, and I swear there's absolutely no one playing multiplayer.

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