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Culdcept DS is a turn-based strategy game with heavy influences from Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering. The DS version puts the dual screens to good use by placing the game map and cards on the top screen, while placing all the little details on the bottom screen. Most of the in-game control is done using the D-pad and buttons, rather than the stylus.

More of a remix than a straight port, Culdcept DS is a retooled edition of the first Culdcept game released on the Sega Saturn and the Playstation. New cards have been added, old ones modified and the board rules are pulled from the more modern entries.


You take the role of a Cepter, which are the only people capable of summoning the Culdcept creatures. You carry a deck with a total of 50 cards and battle on an array of different boards. Each player rolls a die at the beginning of their turn and then proceeds the alotted amount of spaces. When reaching their destination they are given the option to summon a creature on the land, much like placing a hotel on a property in Monopoly. If the land is already occupied you are given the option to pay the toll, or battle for ownership. You constantly make laps around the board and are awarded gold (the in-game currency).

There are four types of land in the game, which are: red, blue, green, and yellow. Red corresponds to fire, blue corresponds to water and so on. If you summon a red creature on a red piece of land you will receive bonus attributes for that creature in battle; the higher the level, the bigger the bonus. Each piece of land can be leveled up to level 5, much like adding houses in Monopoly. You gain new cards by finishing battles, whether you win or lose.

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