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The Curator is an Arcane Guardian, a type of magical construct, and a boss in Karazhan, a raid instance introduced in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. When players first engage The Curator, it will begin summoning Astral Flares every ten seconds, as well as periodically cast Hateful Bolt at the target with the second-highest threat. The Astral Flares will attack multiple raid members at a time until killed. When The Curator runs out of mana, it will Evocate for 20 seconds to regenerate its mana. During this time, the boss will not attack or summon new Astral Flares, and also take 200% more damage. At 15% health, The Curator will enrage. This increases the boss's damage, but it will no longer summon Astral Flares or stop to Evocate.

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