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A series of science fiction robot customization and combat games, the Custom Robo games were developed by Noise, Inc and published by Nintendo.


The first Custom Robo(N64) game was released in Japan in 1999 to modest success. Another Japan only release (Custom Robo V2) was released the following year. Notably, this was the first game to include 4 player multiplayer (the first game only allowed 2-person duels) a staple of the series. Custom Robo GX(GBA), game which used a unique 2d battle system, was released in 2002. Nintendo Power release lists from this period indicate that there were plans to localize this game, but Nintendo elected not to, and instead released Custom Robo(GC) (Battle Revolution in Japan) for the first time in the states in 2004. The game was successful enough to warrant localizing Custom Robo Arena(DS) globally in 2007, which came out to mixed reviews and bad sales, possibly due to being released the same week as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (DS).

Custom Robos

The titular Custom Robos are small (roughly 30cm or 12in) robots that battle each other in arenas known as Holosseums. They are controlled mentally by a human commander via a process known as “diving.” The commander of a Robo feels what the Robo does, and can even be injured through the connection. Robos can be customized with 5 interchangeable parts.



Each class of Robo has its own unique ability/specialty and models have minor individual stat variation (You couldn't choose Robos in single player in the first game).


Primary weapon mode, generally does less damage but is faster than a bomb. Shots will vanish if the user is downed.


Secondary weapon mode, generally slower than a gun but does more damage over a larger area.


Trap weapon that either homes in on or lies in wait for an enemy


Affect movement speed and traction in the air and/or on the ground.


The gameplay in the Custom Robo games is split between a typical Japanese RPG over-world similar to Dragon Quest and 3d arena battles similar to Virtual-On. As the player progresses through the game, they find new parts, allowing greater variety in their combat options. Generally there is a four-player multiplayer battle mode that uses the parts obtained in singleplayer.

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