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An English adventurer, Cutter initially appears under the guise of a thug working for Katherine Marlowe, Uncharted 3's primary villain. Though it is soon established that he was working alongside Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan to stage their deaths, and allow the three to follow Marlowe and steal the cipher necessary to unlocking Francis' Drake's secret.

Charlie Cutter was originally intended to star throughout the full campaign, but Graham McTavish suffered scheduling conflicts with his upcoming role in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and was therefore written off from the story at the midway point by way of suffering a broken leg.

For the multiplayer, Charlie Cutter is available as a multiplayer skin for the heroes. He also stars in two stages of the cooperative Adventure Campaign, in the London Underground and final Airstrip stage - where he, along with Nate and Sully, do battle against Zoran Lazarevic (whom McTavish continues to voice), Harry Flynn and Eddy Raja.


Despite his tough guy demeanor, Cutter expresses an intellectualism about him, with a healthy knowledge of subversion and treasure hunting. He appears to have some experience or knowledge of theatre, implied in his reference to Macbeth and his acute role-play in Drake's deception of Talbot and Marlow. He also has an air of sarcasm about him, but proves to be a friendly individual and is fiercely loyal to his allies. Cutter is also claustrophobic, which is touched upon during the story for the effect of some light-hearted humour.

Cutter's claustrophobia was suggested by Graham McTavish himself, who thought it would be funny if a tough guy like Charlie just so happened to have a fear of enclosed spaces. Amy Hennig agreed and would then use that trait to benefit the story, such as the part when Nate is forced to fend off a crazed Cutter.

Character Twist

In a similar style to Konami's handling of Raiden during the time leading up to Metal Gear Solid 2's release, Cutter was at first showcased to be a prominent villain throughout the game. ND even went as far as to edit and tweak the game's trailers to continue Cutter residing within such a role. During the Fall Subway-sponsored Multiplayer Beta, Cutter was also placed on the side of the ''villains'' to further strengthen his appearance as an antagonist.


  • "Oh, great. Next thing I know you'll be putting that gun to the back of my head telling me about the rabbits." (A Of Mice and Men reference [The Book, not the band] )
  • "Mate, those contracts are a complete rip-off."
  • "Typical bloody yank. All talk."

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